Overlooked Things to do Before your Open House

An open house is an important part of showing and selling your home, but it’s vital to understand that you will be essentially inviting strangers into your house. Here are some things you’ll want to secure beforehand.

A lot of cleaning and preparation goes into an open house, and it can be easy to forget some crucial elements which might impact the safety of the event or even make the difference between an offer or no interest. Before the doors open, be absolutely sure you’ve secured the following items in a safe, alternate location:

• Drugs. No, we’re not (necessarily) talking about the sort of stuff you’d see on Law & Order. We’re talking about prescription drugs. Remember that strangers are going to visit your home, there’s always the possibility that someone will comb through your medicine cabinet. There are many drugs that can be common target to be stolen.

• Guns. Have a weapon in your home? Is it locked in a safe, or stashed under the bed? The last thing you want to grow a pair of feet and walk out the door is a home defense weapon.

•Heirlooms & valuables. Don’t tempt the weak. Gather up the family jewels and store them securely elsewhere. Don’t assume that putting them in a jewelry box will keep prying eyes away.  Expectation of privacy can get a little murky when people are opening up closet doors and the like.

• Animals. Okay, so you don’t keep a wild cougar in your living room, but what about the family dog? A friendly cat? There’s no such thing as an open-house-friendly pet, especially where allergies and personal preferences are concerned. (And don’t even get me started about snakes.)

• Political material. You can be as Tea Party or as Socialist as you want to be, but does that mean your buyer has to be, too? Don’t eliminate half of your buyers off the bat with polarizing political messaging.

When it comes to open houses, lets  make sure they go off without a hitch for you. If you’re listing soon, get in touch so we can chat about selling your home fast!