Irondequoit is blessed with stunning scenery, thanks to its location on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Genesee River and the Irondequoit Bay. The Town of Irondequoit is also one of the largest suburbs in Monroe  County. The Town lies between the Genesee River on the west and Irondequoit Bay on the east.  The north border of the Town is the shoreline of Lake Ontario. An unusual boundary exists between the town of Irondequoit and the City of Rochester.  On the western border of Irondequoit, the city claims a thin strip that extends northward along the banks of the river from Seneca Park to Lake Ontario, at some points less than 50 yards from the shore.  In other words, the City of Rochester claims the entire eastern shore of the Genesee, and the border of the Town of Irondequoit never reaches the river. Our town is the go-to spot for water-related fun, from the usual sailing, boating, and fishing to Great Lake surfing, wind-surfing, kayaking, para-surfing and ice-fishing. We offer thriving businesses, tree-lined neighborhoods, fabulous parks and recreation facilities, an active arts and music scene, and appealing homes, and one of the shortest commutes to downtown Rochester. Whether you are a third-generation resident or a visitor, explore Irondequoit—a town for a lifetime! The West Irondequoit School District features 10 outstanding schools which enjoy a  statewide and national reputation for excellence. Demographics~ Population…51,692  Median Housing Value…$111,400.  To get some more info on the area or to look at some great homes and properties take a look at our real estate power search page that can gain you instant access to the MLS.

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