5 things you didn’t know about…Brighton

How many towns get down to the business of throwing a yearlong party for its 200th birthday? The Town of Brighton is marking its bicentennial with special events each month, from Canal Day cruises to dramatic gravestone unveilings to a country-club reception next month. As the onetime “brick industry capital” of upstate New York, there are stately and well-preserved homes throughout the town–as well as newer pockets of construction. And you’ve never seen a crossroads until you’ve seen the famed Twelve Corners! This bustling suburb is billed as “a great place to live, work and raise a family.” But did you know it’s also got…

  • The only kosher-certified restaurant from Manhattan to Toronto. To tweak the old tagline, “You don’t have to be Jewish” to enjoy Sabra Grill, owned by a Brighton family originally from Israel.
  • A “green” task force! ColorBrightonGreen.org was founded in 2008 to reduce local impact on global climate and build community through common purpose.
  • Six sprawling parks, from open fields perfect for soccer and kite-flying (Buckland) to pristine wooded trails winding through Brighton’s history (Corbett’s Glen). For this blogger, it’s the perfect place to snap a photo, hashtag #ROCPlaceToBe and Tweet to @RPPSoldTeam.
  • A very tall supervisor! Just a “heads up” that you might do exactly that upon meeting Bill Moehle. He learned the ins and outs of politics during 18 years as Brighton’s Town Attorney, and became supervisor in 2012.
  • And lastly – the RPP Sold Team calls Brighton home! Our office sits on Brighton’s main business corridor, Monroe Avenue. Let us share our insider expertise with you. Plus we’re opening a second home there, at least for a day: a “Halloween house” at the Fall Family Festival on October 25 at Brighton Memorial Library/Brighton Town Hall.

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